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Forehead lines & Frown Lines treatment

Forehead wrinkles are the long horizontal lines that appear across your forehead. They are more prominent when you raise your eyebrows. These lines can give you a cross appearance and give away your age.

The primary treatment is Botox® into the muscles that cause forehead wrinkles, we can smooth away these lines. We also can treat a deeper frown line with dermal fillers if they are deep non-movement lines.

Frown Lines: Above the bridge of the nose

Frown lines are the small vertical lines that appear between the eyebrows. They may appear if you’re someone who frowns a lot or if you spend a lot of time in the sun; they can also appear as a result of ageing.

The primary treatment is Botox® into this area, which can smooth away your frown lines, giving your face a more relaxed, less stressed and smoother look.

For deep non-movement vertical frown lines, dermal filler treatment is the treatment of choice.


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