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About Dr Shunil Roy

Mr Shunil Roy


Specialist Interest in Aesthetic Medicine and Minimally Invasive Procedures


Mr. Shunil Roy is a qualified surgeon and an internationally renowned expert in Aesthetic Medicine and Minimally Invasive  cosmetic surgery. He has trained in both the UK and Ireland and was awarded post graduate Surgical Fellowship (FRCS) by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

He has trained many Doctors and Surgeons in different aspects of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery. He is teaching dedicatedly with lectures and live demonstrations, not only in Ireland but also internationally. He has 20 years experience in Aesthetic Medicine and Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgical procedures and has pioneered many procedures in Ireland. Mr.Roy is know for his precise attention to detail, innovation and authenticity.

Qualifications and Experience:

Mr.Roy underwent post graduate surgical training approved by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK. He was awarded postgraduate Fellowship degree from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (FRCS) in 1997. Subsequently he underwent Specialist Higher Surgical Training in Cardio-Thoracic surgery (heart and lung surgery) in an Irish Specialist Training programme in Ireland for 6 years. He subsequently developed a special interest in innovative, evolving and artistic field of Aesthetic Medicine and Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgery, where he has gained an outstanding reputation as an expert and a huge loyal following.


Mr. Roy as Medical Director of Excellence Medical

With his high level of qualifications and surgical skills, he is certainly at the forefront of his game. He sees professional excellence, and trust as the expected norm and is passionate in achieving the best results for his patients. He does his best to exceed patient expectations. He believes that Aesthetic Medicine as much as is modern medical science, also requires a keen artistic eye and corresponding sugrical skills in an artistic way. The treatments and procedures performed range from non surgical treatments to minor/ minimally invasive aesthetic surgical procedures, all performed under local anaesthesia. Hence, the procedures do not involve general anaesthesia, there is no hospitalisation required, there are fewer side effects and risks, and minimal, downtime to recovery.

About Mr. Shunil Roy
About Dr Shunil Roy

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Specialist Care

High level of qualifications, 17 year experience in the speciality, promotes high level of aesthetic medical care

Industry Expert

Although Mr.Roy does not court publicity, he is sought out as a professional expert on topics of interest in Cosmetic medicine. He has appeared repeatedly on Irish television, interviewed on radio channels and has written articles in the print media to discuss specific procedures, explaining about them and highlighting the benefits that accrue to the patient. He has done so, in order to promote wider public education and awareness. Indeed many patients are themselves media celebrities, or are otherwise in the public eye.

Mentor and Industry Consultant

Highly respected within his profession, Mr. Roy is often invited to train, mentor and advise professional colleagues and help with second opinion with difficult medical and clinical scenarios. He lectures to his Irish and European colleagues at Irish and international conferences and has done so for many years. He has been a trainer for surgical skills course at the Irish College of General Practitioners. Mr Roy is also commissioned as a visiting consultant by international pharmaceutical companies. In this capacity he has undertaken training with lectures and practical live demonstrations to promote peer education and best practice.

A Pioneer in his Field

Working within a speciality of constant medical evolution, innovation and progress, Mr Roy continues to pioneer new treatments and procedures in Ireland.

He is to the forefront as a specialist in a range of latest and advanced anti-wrinkle treatments, Dermal filler treatments with a range of Advanced Facial Aesthetic Contouring  and Volume Restoration treatments, including the latest generation treatments with botulinum toxin, dermal fillers and platelet rich plasma (PRP). He introduced surgical laser-lipolysis (smart-lipo) in Ireland in 2006, corresponding with its simultaneous introduction in the United Kingdom. He is Ireland’s one of the most experienced practitioner of Vaser liposuction. He also introduced and pioneered the latest Silhouette Soft  lift in 2012, in addition to the previous generation Silhouette lift procedures, also introduced by him in Ireland in 2008. He also performs Definnesse Threadlift for the Face and Eye Brow Lift procedures.

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