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Pilar cysts are flesh-colored lumps that develop on the surface of the skin. They’re also called trichilemmal cysts and Wens. These are benign cysts, meaning they are non cancerous.

Characteristics of Pilar Cysts :

Pilar cysts grow on the surface of the skin. Majority of pilar cysts occur on the scalp, but can develop anywhere on the body. Other sites include the face and neck.

Pliar cysts can range in size. Some can be the od small size, and others can grow to the size of a small ball. This process happens gradually over a long period of time.

Pilar cysts are the same color as the skin. They’re also round in shape, sometimes creating a dome-like bump on the surface of the skin. The cysts are usually firm to the touch but smooth in texture. Although it’s not common, infection is possible. This can lead to pain and oozing of pus at the cyst site.

Causes of Pilar Cysts :

Pilar cysts gradually develop in the epithelial lining of  hair follicles. This lining contains keratin, which is a type of protein that helps create skin, hair, and nail cells.

Over time, the protein continues to build up in the hair follicle and creates the lump that’s characteristic of a pilar cyst.

Pilar cysts may be hereditary and familial. They are more common in middle-aged men and women.

Treatment of Pilar Cysts :

Treatment while not medically necessary for pilar cysts, but many people consider removal options for cosmetic reasons as they don’t like the look and feel of the cyst or due to general discomfort/pain caused by the cysts.

Surgical removal is the most effective treatment. In this procedure, the pilar cyst will be removed with both the cyst wall and with the epithelial lining from the underlying hair follicle. The specimen is sent for histological examination after removal. After surgery, there may be a small scar left where the cyst originally was which will improve over time.



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