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Smokers’ Lines botox treatment

The small vertical lines that appear above your top lip


With time, we develop vertical lines along the top lip and less so around the lower lip. Although non-smokers often get these lines as they grow older, they tend to be more prominent in smokers, which is why the lines have been given this name ‘smoker’s lines’.

If you wear lipstick, you may notice that your lipstick bleeds into your smokers’ lines. This can be helped with using targeted Botox® injections. We can reduce the muscles movement that causes smokers’ lines, reducing their appearance and helping to restore the definition of the area around your mouth.

These so-called smokers’ lines, whether or not we are smokers, are caused by the action of the orbicularis oris muscle that acts like a purse string. This is obviously an important functional muscle and it is important to preserve its activity. Treatment can involve micro Botox® to soften the surface texture and fine filler along the individual lines.


Treatment time

15 – 20min

Recovery time


Results duration

Up to 6 months

Treatment price

From €250



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