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Scar Revision treatment


Scars are unique to the individual and circumstance in which they are formed – they are the body’s natural way of healing and repair from an injury. We offer a number of treatments which can dramatically improve the appearance of scars.


Scar revision

Scar revision is surgery to excise a cosmetically bothersome scar in order to improve the cosmetic appearance. It may also restores function and corrects skin disfigurement. Scars are caused by an injury wound which can be due to variety of causes including previous surgery.

We assess each scar on its individual merit and will discuss the most appropriate treatment suitable which may range from scar revision surgery, to steroid injection treatment etc.

Scar Treatment Options

The type of treatment will vary depending on the scar and the wishes of a patient with regards to the treatment option. It may be possible that a single treatment will provide satisfactory results, and one the other hand a patient may require several treatments to minimize the scar’s appearance.

The types of treatments that may be recommended include:

1. Topical treatments, which include topical skin care directed towards improving the scar appearance.

2. Injectable treatments, which are used with concave scars. Several injections may be required over the course of time.

Steroid injection treatment:

This involves injecting a steroid into the scar. It is usually used in the treatment of hypertrophic or keloid scars and after a few sessions( usually 4 to 6 treatment sessions produce excellent results. The keloids become flat, while the colour matches that of the surrounding skin.

3. Surface treatments, which can decrease the appearance of the scar. They may include dermabrasion, laser therapy, chemical peels, or skin bleaching.

4. Surgery may be necessary depending on how complex the scar is. This technique is used to reduce the size of the scar by excising it under local anaesthesia and neatly closing the skin with fine sutures.

5. Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Therpy

Scar Revision Procedure
Scar Revision Procedure

Treatment time

30 – 60min

Recovery time


Results duration

Long Lasting Results

Treatment price

From €300

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    Scar Revision Procedure

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