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Scar Revision treatment

Scars are unique to the individual and circumstance in which they are formed – they are the body’s natural way of healing and repair from an injury. We offer a number of treatments which can dramatically improve the appearance of scars. Call today to arrange a consultation to start your scar treatment.


Treatment time

30 – 60min

Recovery time


Results duration

Long Lasting Results

Treatment price

From €300

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The Treatment of Scars

The type of scar revision treatment depends on the size, location, cause and character of a particular scar.

We offer two main treatments:

Steroid treatment:

This involves injecting a steroid into the scar. It is usually used in the treatment of hypertrophic or keloid scars and after a few sessions( usually 4 to 6 treatment sessions produce excellent results. The keloids become flat, while the colour matches that of the surrounding skin.

Surgical scar excision:

This technique is used to reduce the size of the scar by excising it under local anaesthesia and neatly closing the skin with fine sutures.

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