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botox treatment for Horizontal lines between the hairline and eyebrows

Forehead wrinkles are the long horizontal lines that appear across your forehead. They will probably be more prominent when you raise your eyebrows. These lines can give you a cross appearance and give away your age. These horizontal frown lines are caused by over-activity of muscles of the forehead. They can impart an angry and tired look.


Why do they appear? 

Frown Lines, as most other lines and wrinkles, form as a result of repeatedly making certain facial expressions. 

When we are annoyed, angry or displeased, we often express this by moving our eyebrows closer together. By doing this, we often fold the skin between our eyes and eyebrows in two folds. 

When this is done repeatedly over time, the skin will fold in the same areas and hence create a ‘wrinkle line’ where the fold takes place. This will then create fine lines that appear even when we are not making these expressions. 

As we get older, the number of times we have made these facial expressions will add up, and as a natural result, these Frown Lines will often form. 

In addition, as we age, we loose much of the collagen and elastin in our skin. As a result, the skin looses its elasticity and plumpness. 

Sunlight can also be a contributor to Frown Lines. That is because sunlight breaks down collagen and elastin in the skin when sunrays hits the skin. When collages is lost, the skin slowly loose its strength and vitality. 

Smoking also contributes to Frown Lines, as the toxic chemicals in the cigarette is both damaging to the skin cells and also interferes with skin regeneration. The same also goes for many other forms of substance abuse as well as air pollution and pollution in general. 

Also, a poor diet can exacerbate line and wrinkle formation. If the skin cells don’t have the right building blocks for repairing damaged skin and also for creating new skin, the quality of the overall skin is likely deteriorate. 

The most effective treatment for Horizontal Frown Lines is normally Botox/anti-wrinkle injections. The reason why these lines or appear in the first place is because of repeated folding of the skin between the eyes and eyebrows. 

Botox will stop further progression of these lines because it slows or stops the muscles from making the folds in the skin. The tiny muscles in the area will be relaxed and will therefore not be able to contract and cause the skin to fold, or fold less. As this movement is slowed or stopped over time, the existing lines or wrinkles will also fade. 

If the lines are very deep, you can combine the Botox treatment with a dermal filler. 

The dermal filler will add volume underneath the lines or wrinkles and push the skin up and stretch it. This will stretch the skin and will reduce the line or wrinkle, or even make it go away completely. 

As we still want your face to look natural and take a ‘less is more’ approach to Botox treatments, your face will still be expressive. As above, we also can treat a deeper frown line with Dermal Fillers.


Treatment time

15 – 30min

Recovery time


Results duration

Up to 6 months

Treatment price

From €250

Horizontal Frown Lines Botox Treatment

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Results – Before and After

Frown lines before
Frown lines after



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    Horizontal Frown Lines Botox Treatment

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