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Are you desperate to improve your ‘Jowls’ and/or ‘turkey neck’?

Diary of a Silhouette Soft lift treatment Patient

Lifting of saggy skin

Lifting of saggy skin with dermal fillers and silhouette soft thread lift

Since turning fifty I’ve noticed how different I look in the mirror these last number of months. It verifies the fact that time is catching up with me where a weird jowly crone is starring back at me.’

I started to feel really self-conscious. I thought I was getting to that stage where I looked haggard. My self-esteem gradually took a dramatic knock – I felt like people were judging me and I became less sociable.

When you think you look haggard you don’t make as much eye contact with people. You probably make it worse for yourself because you feel like no one wants to look at you so you go more introvert.’

With Valentine’s season fast approaching, I had experimented with Botox in the past, and wanted to transform my look so that people didn’t think I ‘looked a mess’.

After reading about the innovative Silhouette Soft lift treatment, I decided to give it a go and had a thorough consultation.

Performed at Excellence Medical, Donnybrook, Dublin 4 by Mr. Roy, the method (also known as a ‘one stitch facelift’) uses an absorbable thread with cones to lift the facial skin and encourage collagen production. The excess skin is pulled back by the sutures.

The threads are ‘stitched’ on to the neck, brow or mid-face and are intended to create a fresher, more youthful appearance.

It was invasive but not as invasive as I had thought. It was done very gently and skilfully by Mr.Roy. It’s not painful but you feel the sensation of pressure and pulling at times.

The procedure took approximately an hour to perform under local anaesthesia. This procedure needed no hospital stay or general anaesthetic, there was no incision involved and hence no unwanted scars are associated. Recovery time was minimal as well.

My skin did pleat a little bit at the sides but, lucky me, I didn’t bruise at all. ‘I don’t smoke and I don’t drink to excess. I think if you smoke you’ll suffer more bruising. I was advised not to do heavy exercises for two weeks as the threads have to seal in and you don’t want to disturb them. I was able to do my routine everyday things with ease.

I believe the results last between 12 to 24 months with an average period of 18 months. Eventually, the threads slowly get absorbed by the body. As you get older skin starts to sag, and it’s just pulling it up and then producing the much needed collagen to tighten the skin with the added anti-gravitational support of the sutures.

That’s why it’s only temporary because it’s not like a surgery where you’re getting it skin cut and removed.’ I have been told that even major surgery is not long-term as the process of aging is ongoing and does not stop.

I am extremely pleased with the results – and am being complimented with nice comments.

‘You can see the difference,’. ‘I think you can see my renewed profile is a lot better.’

Since having Silhouette Soft I have even been told by several people that I look around 38 i.e. 12 years younger than my actual age.

‘So having the treatment, even though it’s subtle has helped me feel confident again, and now people say it has knocked 10 years off me.’

I would definitely recommend it to others.

It’s a great treatment. I definitely felt fresher and the good thing is that it’s subtle and enhances your own facial features without changing them. My children couldn’t even tell as to what I had done, you just look fresh, younger and well rested.

What I would like to say in the end is that,

If you would like to reverse the signs of an aging face and neck, a Silhouette Soft thread lift is a newer minor surgical option.

This innovative treatment uses bi-directional absorbable thread with cones to lift and rejuvenate your facial skin, resulting in a fresher, more youthful appearance.

The treatment can be used to tackle lax skin on the neck, brow or mid and lower face area. Your face will look natural, expressive and mobile.


I was told that I may notice some bruising or have some swelling after the Silhouette Soft procedure, but this subsides spontaneously afterward and, in the meantime, can easily be covered with make-up.


Silhouette Soft is the only thread lift that provides an immediate mechanical lifting effect as well as a biological lift by stimulating the natural production of collagen in the four months and onwards that follow. Silhouette Soft sutures are FDA approved.

Silhouette Soft thread lift-before and after

Silhouette face and neck lift treatments showing how the threads work

You’ll notice your skin looks lifted right away. But what’s even better is that the treatment induces a process of ‘collagenasis’ – a process by which the body produces fresh new collagen (which diminishes as we age) and in turn produces skin tightening.

The biological lift means you will notice your skin feels plumper, firmer and above all tighter.

To get further details about the different Silhouette Soft lift treatments provided at Excellence Medical please visit this here

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