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Vaser liposuction Procedure of Double Chin or Neck

In the quest to find facial symmetry and balance, many patients find that they need to reduce volume in the chin and neck. When these areas accumulate excess fat, they can detract from a person’s appearance and confidence. Whether you have a double chin or simply lack of definition in the jawline, neck liposuction can improve the overall contour.

Treatment time

2 hours

Recovery time

7 days

Results duration

Long time

Treatment price

From €2750

As we gain weight, the face is often the first part of the body to show it. The cheeks fill in, the neck becomes larger and the chin accumulates excess fat. Funny enough, as we lose weight, the chin and neck often lose the weight last. Even for patients who aren’t experiencing weight fluctuations, the existence of a double chin is often hereditary. The truth is, the neck and chin are two of the biggest problem areas for patients with stubborn pockets of fat.

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