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Vaser liposuction Procedure of Buttocks


A round, fit and toned butt is a pretty desirable quality, and many patients desire treatment in this specific area.

The ideal candidate for buttock procedure is someone with a large, protuberant buttock and who is looking to reduce its overall size. In most cases, such patients have a fairly thick fat layer on the surface of their butt. During buttock liposuction, this outer fat layer is greatly reduced while also sculpting it into a beautiful, round shape with good muscle definition. Depending on your physique, he may also perform liposuction in the surrounding areas, such as the hips, thighs, and flanks.During the entire procedure, all factors of your case are considered, including skin elasticity and the proportions of your entire body.

Treatment time

2 hours

Recovery time

7 days

Results duration

Long time

Treatment price

From €2750

Fat Transfer Procedure

In many cases, a patient’s desired results are actually achieved with a fat transfer rather than liposuction. A fat transfer is a special procedure to bring more volume to a part of the body. Injecting fat that’s been taken from another part of the body does this.

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