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Male Breast reduction Treatment (Gynaecomastia)

Gynaecomastia is derived from a Greek word that means ‘woman-like breasts’ and is a medical term given to the enlargement of the male breast giving it the appearance of a female breast.

It can affect as many as 30% of the male population. In most cases the cause is unknown but it may be genetic in origin, or it may be associated with obesity, hormonal imbalance, liver disease or may even be a side effect of a medicine.

It can appear at any age from adolescence around the onset of puberty to later stages of life. It is not physically harmful to health but can be very devastating psychologically, destroying self-esteem, self-confidence and have a very negative effect on one’s sense of well-being.

In young males, it can be socially embarrassing and can lead to a fear of being the subject of crude jokes and comments from colleagues and others around them. This, in turn, causes them to be socially withdrawn and to lose their self-esteem. Typically these are young boys around puberty or men in later stages of their life who do not take their shirts off in public even when on a beach or in a gymnasium.

In some cases, one breast may enlarge while the other remains normal or near normal size.


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In view of the devastating psychological effects that this condition potentially has, males suffering from this condition may seek medical advice and subsequent surgical intervention.

The surgical intervention can range from the conventional procedure of removal of the excessive breast tissue surgically under a general anaesthetic to having minimally invasive liposuction procedure.

There is little downtime to recovery with Vaser liposuction and it offers excellent results, with a success rate of around 95%. The successful treatment of this condition promotes a flat, nicely shaped male chest as the fat around the glandular tissue is liquefied and suctioned out of the body. The glandular tissue of the breast shrinks in size and promotes new skin collagen formation, resulting in a skin tightening.

The successful treatment of gynaecomastia restores the lost self-esteem and self confidence and promotes a sense of wellbeing and renewed interest in social activities, which were once lost due to this condition. Most patients say that their self confidence is back and they can comfortably take their shirts off on a beach or at a gymnasium, which they were formerly unable to do so because of being too aware and embarrassed by their male chest enlargement.

Vaser Liposuction or Vaser Liposelection is an advanced liposuction technique that utilises ultrasonic energy to gently liquefy the fat before suctioning it from the body, for the purpose of contouring and reshaping. The goal is to achieve a slimmer contour and shape and removing the excess fat.

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